Free Ways to Generate Traffic


You have undoubtedly heard that it takes money to make money, but there are exceptions. Creativity and ingenuity can go a long way to get around the money factor. With the multitude of free opportunities offered by the Internet and you’re creative mind, you will find ways to increase traffic to your website at no cost.

Take Advantage of Online Forums and Communities

One of the great things about joining online forums and communities is that you can target a group of people that have specific demographics that you are looking for. You can discuss niche topics that pertain to your products and services. With online communities and forums, you can build a reputation as an expert in your field. Other members will ask you for advice. Always have your website link visible so they can locate you on the Internet. Hopefully, they will bookmark your site to make it easy for future visits.

Have a Presence on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, MySpace, Snapchat, and other well know social media platforms can promote you, your website, and your products and services. Social networking platforms allow individuals to interact with one another on a personal level.  With social media, you can reach billions of people worldwide. Social networking sites allow users to retweet or repost comments, thus multiplying and promoting your products and services many times over. This will bring more visitors to your website. You will also have followers that receive all your postings all the time.

Publish a Newsletter

The most important factor for your newsletter is to have interesting and entertaining articles. Inside the articles tastefully place information about your products and services, with links to your website. If your newsletter contains valuable information and is enjoyable to read, people will inadvertently help your circulation grow by telling friends, reposting information, and referencing your newsletter and it’s articles in their postings and comments.

Build Links

Another way to get generate free traffic is trade links with other websites. All you have to do is reach an agreement with the other website owner. Exchanging links will benefit both websites. Traffic that goes to either site has links that could send customers to the other person’s website. This works well when websites complement each other. Be sure your link opens in a new window, so readers aren’t diverted away from your website.

Publish Articles

Write interesting and information-rich articles that will draw in readers. Placing appropriate links back to your website provides a good source of free traffic. Write articles that provide tips, tricks, and useful information as well as promote your products/services. This is another way to get you and your website known to a wider audience. There are many places to post articles including article directories, e-zines, other websites, and Wikipedia.

Write Good Content

It is imperative that have well-written content on your website and newsletter. Poorly written articles with grammar and spelling errors will turn visitors away. Rich content will help rank you higher with Google.

Use Strong Keywords

Search engines look for keywords and long-tail keyword phrases on websites. If you use high-quality keywords and keyword phrases, you are more likely to get ranked higher with search engines. This will place you higher on the landing page when someone searches for these keywords. The keywords must be used inside of well-written content.

All of these methods will help drive more traffic to your website for free. It takes a bit more time and effort, but it will result in a high-quality website that visitors will bookmark, return to, and reference. Use these ideas and you will soon see your traffic flow increase without having to pay a single penny.

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