Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked?

Has your WordPress website been hacked? If you want to know for sure get a free malware scan at MalCare. MalCare will do a deep scan of your site for free and inform you if…

Google Adsense

SEO for Adsense

If you’ve been using Google AdSense on your pages you obviously feel the need to somehow generate even more traffic for your website, which in turn would translate to more AdSense clicks and a higher…

Optimize SEO

All search engines crawl the Web and automatically index your website based on their own secretive algorithms, which are constantly changing. Search Engine Optimization is a way to get search engines to give your website…

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Adsense Alternatives

There are many alternative affiliate programs that can help alleviate some of the shortcomings of Adsense. These include advertising plugins that create dynamic advertising that rotates. Some of these Adsense alternative place you in full control of what they say and where they are placed on your website.