Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked?

Hacked Website

Has your WordPress website been hacked? If you want to know for sure get a free malware scan at MalCare. MalCare will do a deep scan of your site for free and inform you if you have any malware. MalCare’s malware scanner pinpoints some of the most elusive malware with greater accuracy than any other malware scanner out there. Click on the link below to scan your website for malware. There is no charge. No credit card is required.


What if the scan confirms your fears? You have been hacked and your site is being controlled by malware. How do you get it removed? MalCare to the rescue. With MalCare you can fix a hacked website in 60 seconds with one click of your mouse. There is no waiting for hours or days to clean it up. No technical knowledge is needed. MalCare will surgically remove the malware without breaking your site. Even if you have another security plugin installed. MalCare will work around other plugins as if they don’t exist.

What does MalCare offer?

• Auto-clean and auto-repair capabilities built into the code
• Unlimited scanning and cleaning
• Powerful learning algorithms that keep getting smarter with experience
• Zero intervention required for ticketing
• Super-fast hack removal


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